Course Description

Common causes of lost profits plague small business owners and entrepreneurs. This course provides small business owners immediately implementable steps showing how to stop the leaks and maximize profits. The course is designed for U.S. based businesses, but the majority of the content is viable for any business.

Business Coach & Consultant

Amanda Prill

Amanda Prill enjoys guiding small and start-up businesses to establish effective techniques and implement practical solutions to financial success. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and has twenty years of experience in managing small businesses, operations, and business finances. Also, she has a decade of adult education experience. Given her knack for working with people, numbers, and technology, Amanda possesses a unique ability to help small business owners reduce stress, grow their business, and implement fiscal strategies that result in profits.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Added Impact Learning Intro

    • Common Causes of Lost Profits

  • 2

    Importance of Profits

    • Importance of Profits

  • 3

    Tier 1 Common Cause: Shoebox Accounting

    • Shoebox Accounting

    • Case Study #1

  • 4

    Tier 2 Common Causes: Failed Pricing Strategies

    • Common Cause #2: Failed Pricing Strategies

    • Case Study #2: Law of the Vital Few

  • 5

    Tier 3 Common Causes: Entrepreneurial Traps

    • Tier 3 Common Causes: Entrepreneurial Traps

    • Rainy Day Realities

    • Feeding the Baby

    • The Puppet Master or the Puppet?

  • 6


    • Wrapping Up the Leaks